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Mound & Home Plate
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Triple Play
Professional Mound Clay
Triple Play
Mound & Home Plate Kit
Triple Play Professional Mound Clay is a unique blend of high-quality clays that have been specifically designed to withstand the stress of high traffic areas, such as your pitcher's mound. Dark red in color, this product will add durability and strength to your soil, easily bind and conform to existing surfaces, and enhance your mound’s level of play.
Triple Play Mound & Home Plate Kit is an all inclusive Mound and Home Plate repair and renovation package. It comes with enough unfired bricks, mound clay, and conditioner to do a full sized mound, both batters boxes, and your catcher’s box.

Each kit contains 250 unfired clay bricks, 10 bags mound clay, and 10 bags red infield conditioner.
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