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Greenscape Lawn Care Services

Our professional teams have been trained with extensive knowledge of all aspects of lawn care, including mowing, fertilizer, weed control, and irrigation services. Our specialty teams can hammer out those landscape renovations quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy more time with a beautiful new design. We continuously look for the most up to date technology to become more efficient and environmentally friendly for all our clients. Most of all we want to save you money!

Complete Lawn Care
• All maintenance services performed by trained professionals on a carefully managed schedule.
• Careful scheduling and ongoing client communication.
• Dependable execution to provide what your landscape needs, when it needs it.
• Up to date technology and equipment for excellent results.
• Custom-designed maintenance programs to meet the needs of any residential or commercial property.

Irrigation Service
• Irrigation experts provide scheduled service and special troubleshooting.
• Inspection, repair and effective maintenance of any irrigation system.
• Professional Technicians always on call to respond to emergencies.

Landscape Design/Renovation
• Total design/build capabilities for landscape enhancements or complete property renovations.
• Proper plant materials selected for your landscape’s specific growing conditions.
• Every project completed without complications, flowing smoothly and on schedule.
• Each package custom-tailored for the objectives and uses of the individual property.

Sports Field Products and Maintenance
We also specialize in sports field’s products and maintenance. If you are looking for that complete overhaul of your field and want to replace it with custom soil, healthy turf, and an effective irrigation system, Greenscape Lawn Care can help. We can provide soil/water PH testing that is specific to your field and start you up with the perfect fertilizer, aeration, and conditioning program for those well-used fields.